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The End

December 2, 2008 2 comments

(of the underdogblogger charity online thingamabob)

So in October I posted that I would donate all the money I made from my adsense “empire” in October and November to Care for the Wild.  Well the time has come and gone and the profits have been tallied.  Yes, we reached a grand total of $39.36.  Which means that I’m now making something like 60 cents everyday from a blog (which I haven’t updated in about 6 months).  So that’s roughly £27 in real British money!  Why so low you ask?  Well for one – I’m crap at link building clearly.  On the other hand, back when I started the charity challenge I was getting about 50 cents a day, so profits are up 🙂 woohoooo

Anyway, several of you decided to join in and promised some money to a charity of your choice.  Time to pony up guys – those of you who did join in got liked up on my charity challenge page.

Thanks to everyone who did this.  It is a good thing.  Especially around Christmas time.  If you didn’t join in, donate a little time or money to a charity near you – if you like people, then give a little something to a homeless shelter or something – Christmas can be a tough time for people with nothing, and a little bit of food or a blanket or something goes a long way.  Besides, you really don’t need that USB microscope from firebox this christmas…..put the money to better use.

As I said, my money goes to Care for the Wild.  What can I say, I like tigers – I already sponsor them, but I think the cute little fellows could do with a little extra turkey this christmas.  Hopefully next year this time, I’ll be making a little more out of my blogging efforts and maybe the tigers at CFW can get 2 turkeys 🙂

Eat up guys…….turkeys are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaat!

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