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Write right

November 7, 2008 4 comments

(or my take on article marketing)

Meh, most mmo blogs aren’t really giving stuff away anymore are they?  I mean internet marketers out there are simply turning a profit from rebranding the same old tired shit again and again and again and creating false demand based on fear alone.  It’s getting about as bland as Article marketing isn’t it?  But it does get you some backlinks and it does get you some more exposure.  And even if you get sandboxed, you can still pull in some daily traffic from your articles alone…….like what has happened to my site on Georgina Baillie…..coded, up, running, article submitted, indexed in a flash and sandboxed two days later….. 🙂 lol  meh, someone’s gotta get a little link love from that whole festering arse-up of a publicity stunt.  And it might as well be me.  I’m not in this one for the money, cause I have no idea how to monetise a celeb site, even one that has the added allure of kink in it.  But it will give me another farm blog to play with and link from.  See what I mean?  Why is nobody talking about farm blogs?  Why I ask you?

Anyhoo…..article marketing is a bit of a pain in the arse.  It gets soooooo dull: browse, login, cut, paste, submit, browse, login, cut, paste, submit, browse, login, cut, paste, submit.  You know how it goes, because you’ve done it haven’t you?  Of course you have.  The underbelly of internet marketing practically forces you to use ezinearticles or goarticles or a host of other directories.  And the thing is, they get tons of content.  So much so, that I’m thinking I need my own article directory.  Shit.  Did I just give away an idea.  I mean talk about a bucket load of content for free.  Damn it.  Not since I gave away the best free internet marketing experiment of all time has such an idea been put forth.

Anyhoo, I got bored with submitting articles, so I thought I would take some time off my rabid link building of the past week to do 2 things:

1) Start coding up a wordpress theme.  Always wanted to do this so I thought I would give it a go.  Seems like fun, and it falls into a master plan I have for mid next year.

2) Write an article submitter.  Shit, I don’t want to pay someone else for a glorified browser with a few automated bits.  How hard can it be to code up one of these puppies?  Not very as it happens.  I’m writing a small and very basic submitter in c# at the moment, and I am genuinely surprised at how easy it is.  Maybe when I’m done, I’ll release it 🙂  and charge for it 🙂 or alternatively, just inject links to my sites ever 50th article or so.  Woulth that be immoral? But hey, think about it, you purchase an article submitter to whack out your hand crafted puppy to however many gazzilion article directories.  Do you ever check that the article got submitted properly?  Do you ever validate the links?  Do you ever think that maybe the guys who coded that little beast might inject their own links randomly?  No?  you bunch are very trusting aren’t you?  (As an aside, and at the same time, /* begin slightly shady section */ I looked into Markov chains a bit, but it looked too bloody booooooooooring to code one up so I think I’ll just hack something together from other bits and bobs floating around there.  There must be a Markov chain wordpress plugin somewhere with a cron job to automate the process, but I haven’t bothered to look for it /* end slightly shady section */.  And again I ask, why is nobody talking about farm blogs? hmmm?).

By the time I’m finished writing it, though I expect article marketing will be so passe that no-one will be doing it any more.

oh well.