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The curse of the ad blind

October 28, 2008 4 comments

(or where I attempt a humorous post on the disease that can kill your adsense income – ad blindness)

Ad blindness…..the most annoying and potentially lethal disease of any casual web surfer.  These days, it isn’t at all uncommon for people to boast about being ad blind.  They flaunt it like its a good thing.  They boast that they are so hip to the subculture that is the internet, that their very subconcience simply edits out the portions of a webpage that feature any sort of adverts.  But it isn’t a good thing.  And I’m here to tell you why being ad blind isn’t a good thing.

As a beginner trying to make money with adsense sites, I would really rather people were not ad-blind.  I would prefer that they found my webpage, and looked at the adverts there and then clicked on one of them.  Really, if you think about it, this would benefit the people who are ad blind as well.  I mean the very fact that they have typed a search string into google, and found my webpage (even if google is using latent semantic indexing) means they are interested in the subject matter.

Now, I don’t mind saying, my adsense site is not bad.  All the adverts are very relevant to the niche I’m targetting and the information on my webpages is accurate, factual – it is quality original content.  Not laced with brilliant humour like this site….oh no, I’ve purposefully made the writing bland in an effort to make people look around the page for something else to do….I don’t have lots of outgoing links that could cause the ad blind to potentially stumble out of my website.  In fact the only outgoing links are adverts.

…….so I think the ad blind surfer is in fact doing him or herself a severe disservice.  For example, no matter how much they read the information on my site, they will not be able to purchase what they are looking for from me directly.  I am merely a middle man…..but if they weren’t so ad blind, they could clicky on one of my adverts and hey presto, purchase the very thing they were looking for!  Damn!

The cure is simple.  A website that has no content, only adverts, that once you browse to, your browser’s buttons become disabled (including the little x to close it) so all you can do is click an advert.  Somehow, I suspect this is against the google terms and conditions though.  So damn your ad blindness, it is nothing to be proud of!

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