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Every neighborhood should have a bazooka

August 17, 2009 1 comment

Yes, it was, I seem to remember, far too early to be woken up. Especially given that I was enjoying a rather tasty dream. Pancakes, maple syrup and a very good cup of coffee sat before my fish like dream eyes, tempting me. Just before my fork managed to grab a mouthful of the stuff, I swam up, still flapping my gills, to the sound outside that must have woken the whole neighbourhood.
My goodness they were drunk. Two women were literally rolling around on the gravel out front, pulling each other’s hair.
I shit you not.
I thought that stuff only happened on stupid ibiza gone wild television shows. But no. There it was, right in front of me. Well, not right in front, more like down below me, cause I live one floor up.
A shirtless man paced around the skirmish, along with several other tarted up induhviduals, pretending to try and stop the little display of fisticuffs…..or should that be hairicuffs? or grabihairicuffs.
But they didn’t really want it to stop, did they? I mean how hard is it to pull two people apart. Especially after they have clearly had their adrenaline dump. There was no fight left in them, but they persisted. I have to give them that.
Mr Shirtless actually got a bit excited by all this and punched a car window. Then kicked the car, presumably because the car window hurt his hand.

Nothing else really happened. It was all a little bit of a let down really. No blood, no other violence. The police turned up (actually rather a lot of police turned up) and broke the whole thing up….a domestic of some sorts (I can’t possibly fathom what about though amidst the screams of “you dirty slut” and other such profanities). A young lady with far too many children got in a car and drove away, leaving Mr No Shirt growling. I presume it was his lass. Hopefully now his ex-lass.

In other news Joshua Goodwin has released a rather nice looking wordpress theme called Old Popular Yolk. I think you should use it. I know I would if this blog let me. Yes, it is yellow, even though his blog is not.

I’m starting to subscribe to Kilgore Trout’s theory that every neighborhood should have a bazooka and a responsible adult should know where it is………


I can’t take the suspense

Yesterday, when I wanted to put some thoughts onto a e-paper and publish them onto the great big world wide web, I found my blog had been suspended by wordpress. Why oh why? A nice message said that I had contravened the terms and conditions and they had pulled my blog. It was like I was never even here. Erased from time. Except for a few cached pages in some major search engines. I was, at first, a little pissed. After all, I rather like some of my writing on this blog. I think some of it is even fairly good……when I’m feeling the muse, I can write fairly well. But then, I kind of figured – eh, doesn’t really matter if the blog is here or not. And then my ego thought….eh? yes it does, at least I should get the better posts and publish them elsewhere. A sort of online portfolio of my writing if you will.

Actually, I was surprised to find how many of my pages were cached by a few of the larger search engines. So I cut and paste a bunch of my posts into notepad and saved them to my harddrive…..thank you google. thank you yahoo.

Of course, my blog is no longer suspended. I managed to stage a little get out of jail by sending off a nice email or two to wordpress. They released my blog from purgatory on the condition that I removed a few links from my blogroll. Oh well. I wasn’t really in a position to bargain, since they had all my writing and all, so I did. And now I’m back. With the proviso that I don’t try and make money from this blog. Fair enough. The blogroll links that I had were to other mmo sites that I don’t control, which I did point out, and I guess that’s why my blog was released. Now I’m not sure if I’m on some sort of wordpress watch list, but I guessing I should tread a little carefully on who and what I link to. See, even if you have no control over other sites you link to, you will still be tarred with the same brush as they are to a certain extent. I’m not even sure how my blog came under scrutiny – I don’t get much traffic. I don’t get much attention. And wordpress has a ton of other blogs out there. But lightening does strike somewhere 🙂

And that got me thinking about WordPress and Blogger again. Google/Blogger allows complete freedom on their hosted platform because their ideal sollution the internet is to have every page on the internet slathered with adsense ads. That would make google much more money. They shot themselves in the foot a little when they made their adsense page matching algorithm too clever and now they’ve got the old interest based advertising going so that even if you visit a page outside your normal sphere of interest, you’ll still get ads relevant to what you like to do/see. So they get more clickthroughs and they get more money. Blogger is built on the idea that google really just wants to own every piece of internet real estate.

I’m not sure what wordpress wants to accomplish, but I think, on the wordpress hosted side of things anyway, they really just want people to write good content. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be good. But it does need to play a little bit by their rules. Fair enough, it’s their house.

My god are you still reading this. I’ve rambled on and on and on with a bunch of not very coherent thoughts. I wanted to post something about technology. I guess I’ll have to do it another time.

Take backups kiddies.

Moon Movie

May 15, 2009 1 comment

Sod Star Trek. That’s what I say. Who wants that prozaic super CGI’d boring old predictable space movie? Even if it has Sylar as Spok. Moon – now that looks like a good old space movie. Lookit – here’s a trailer:

Damn cool. This is space from my childhood. Big chunky machines. Lots of squares and giant industrial like blocks and chunks. That’s what space exploration is all about – utility, not fancy nokia flip phones with cool gloss sheen finishes. Those things wouldn’t last a tick in real space. You need something big. Built from titanium. Utilitarian. That’s what you want. None of that scrawny sleek modern ipod looking junk you find in Star Trek.

Sam Rockwell’s Moon looks like something you might have imagined exploring while playing Moon Patrol. If you’ve never played Moon Patrol, then you’re probably too young to be reading my blog. I gots adult language on here and stuff.


(or where I wonder why I haven’t written for so long)

Too long neglected, my blog needs some fresh meat, some new content.

Trouble is, it gets a bit old, the old make money online blogging. I mean, you aren’t really interested in how I go about supplementing my income are you? Why would you be? Indeed, why should you be? It’s all a bit sort of egotistical anyway isn’t it…..reporting back on failed or successful methods of making money online….o, I made xxxx dollars selling websites on sitepoint and yyyy dolllllaaaaaaahhhhhhhssssss with an adsense blog and then I hit paydirt with an affiliate product that nobody ever heard of before, by the way check it out here and sign up for it with my affiliate link. See that? See how sneaky that is. Oh. You’re all wise to it already aren’t you, you know my tricks. You know me too well. You aren’t going to clickie and gimme a few pennies are you? Or if you click from random boredom, you’ll clear your browser cache before you buy. Damnit!

Yeah, so a touch bored with the megalomaniacle (is that even a word) world of make money online blogging, I think I will change this here fine blog, commit further seo suicide and just blog about whatever the heck I feel like. Followers be damned. Money be damned. This little slice of internet pie was never really meant to make me money in the short term and I’m not going to MMO blog for the long haul, because there are too many other people who want to score for the term make money online and as I pointed out up there, it just gets a bit dull indulging one’s ego all the time. I may throw you a bone now and then about my adventures in the online world. But probably, I’ll just randomly write whatever I feel like. Oh I’m such a hypocrite. Ego is great.

I am the drool on transmarginal inhibition’s snout.