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Is Underdog a Scam?

(or where I examine my search engine terms)
Well, I thought it was funny anyway. Am I a scam? What on earth would the underdog be scamming you out of anyway? I don’t sell anything here….simply throw some thoughts out on why I used to have some pagerank and now don’t. Anyway, top of my list is the old Moon Movie Sam Rockwell search term. Still hasn’t opened in the UK. Next month apparently. Then I just have to schedule some babysitting somehow and sneak off to watch it 🙂

Anway, now that my blog is back from purgatory, at least google is indexing it properly again, so I can get a little traffic my way. Not that it matters much, like an underdog chasing a bus, I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I’ve caught it. Pish posh.

Today’s music of choice is Tycho which to me sounds a bit like nostalgia. The track of choice is called “Past is Prologue”. While I’m listening to this, I’ll be watching Hannah Solo’s blog. Partly because I’m curious, partly because I don’t really believe she is a real person. But hey, for all you know, neither am I, I could just be a big scam of an underdog.

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Theme spring clean

(or where I tell you how not to make money online by developing your own wordpress theme)

So, I’ve been developing a wordpress theme for fun and profit. Well, fun mostly. Because I’m not going to try and sell it or anything. Just give it away. I mean why not – there’s so much free stuff on the net these days that I have taken advantage of, that it seems only fair.

But anyway, in honour of my development work, I thought I would change up the wordpress theme here at the old underdogblog. Gone is the gloom. You are now witness to a new white minimal theme. Not one I developed mind….you can’t upload your own theme on a hosted site. Well, you probably can if you pay them, but then you might as well become self hosted….and since this is my exploration of how to make money online for free, I’m not quite ready for that yet. See in this respect, blogger completely owns wordpress. On the free blogger platform, you can do anything you want. Change up the theme completely if you feel like it. Mess with the colours and stylesheet. Everything. For free. But that’s google for you. They get your data, you get free shit 🙂

So anyway, here’s an image pre-makeover….

Chaos theme on the underdog blog

Chaos theme on the underdog blog

using the Chaos theme……and one after the makeover
Journalist 1.9 theme on underdog blog

Journalist 1.9 theme on underdog blog

using the Journalist theme.

Thing I’ve learned while messing about with creating my own theme is that wordpress is a great time sink. At the end of the day, you spend a lot of time tweaking your design to get it pleasing to the eye. Time you could have spent getting more content up or creating more niche blogs or getting yourself some backlinks……I mean it’s not like there aren’t tons and tons of free themes out there already. You could probably earn money taking online surveys in the time it takes you to create a wordpress theme…even if I’m not a big fan of the get paid to initiatives (perhaps and understatement since I have previously proclaimed them to be the worst way to make money online). Of course, giving away a theme is a great way to get backlinks, as long as people start downloading and using your theme. And there’s the rub. Kind of a catch 22 – you need traffic to get people to download your theme to get traffic to your website :). Aaaah there’s that trademark cynicism. Yesss, you thought I had lost it didn’t you?

Anyhoo….just so you know, spring cleaning and all that – the best way to spend your time when you should be making money online.

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