About The Underdog Blogger

I have an interest in internet marketing. This was born out of research into search engine optimisation techniques for a website that I set up that has absolutely nothing to do with making money online. SEO generally leads you into the rabbit hole IM and MMO mainly because the people who do really well in these two arenas of online life tend to understand and apply fairly sound SEO principles. By people who do really well, I don’t mean those one hit wonders who make their money by telling how much money the make online. I mean the people who have a repeatable strategy that they can and do use in pretty much any niche to get traffic to their websites and then get sales from those websites. Whether the sales be affiliate or from click throughs on ads is irrelevant.

What makes this fascinating? Well, in terms of social context, these people are essentially professional middle-men (or women). By and large anonymous. And very often (in fact unless you are fairly internet savvy), you won’t know that you have made one of these marketeers money at all. Not to say this is a dishonest way of making money, though it certainly has its shady side, just that a good middle-man will be invisible to the end consumer.

So this blog is a result of my experimentation into that facet of internet life. But it is more than that, because the internet is awash with free resources. Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, Hubpages, Livejournal and many other “blogging” platforms offer free space for anyone to use. If you know your SEO and you know your free hosts, you can make money without ever spending a dime yourself.

This is the true rise of an underdog. Start with nothing. End with as much as you want.

So this website is my experiment in writing about this industry. I do not really intend to make money from this site per se, because the IM and MMO niche is horribly saturated, but I do find it interesting to explore the arena – especially since I come from a coding background.

With that in mind, I always try to write something fresh and unique. I’m not going to churn out another of those MMO blogs that lists the 5 best ways to draw traffic to your site using Digg or Stumble…..you’ve read all that before. Most of it is bollocks. Content for content sake. I like to think wildly about the industry, post bizzare ideas on how to generate content and crazy conspiracy theories on how google might actually control the MMO niche themselves all to sell more adsense.

Yeah! I’m a touch cynical. On the other hand, I hope you find the blog more interesting than the usual crap spouted out there.

So, having started this blog, I’ve found I rather enjoy writing. Some people have actually said I’m rather good at it for which I’m rather gratefull.

If you fancy having a chat with me by email, drop me one – I kind of enjoy talking to people and bouncing ideas around so …. I’m at underdogblogger at gmail dot com.

By the way, I love music. I play music. I write a little music as well. Go listen to the bazantar if you haven’t already.

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