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Underdog of the Day

Hey all. Remember me? This one is short and sweet…..In case you thought I wasn’t living up to my name of Underdog Blog, I thought I would point out a little bit of nasty that’s going on at the moment and introduce you to my underdog of the day.

The Rock Art Brewery in Vermont is being sued by some big arse company who don’t want them to use the name Vermonster for their beer. Now the company doing the suing doesn’t even make beer, they make energy drinks. How fucked up is that? Rock Art Brewery is a small business built up from nothing – started in his basement.

America it’s time to support the little guy.

Read a little more about this over at Griz’s Monster Energy Drink vs Vermonster Beer
or head on over to Monster Energy Drink Sucks The Life Out of Small Businesses, or even Monster Energy Drink And Hansen Have Forgotten America
Monster Energy Drink Vs Rock Art Brewery and Vermonster Beer, Round #2
from Allyn Hane – I like Allyn ’cause he swears and drinks beer on video! 🙂

Damnit I could link this up all over the place, but I’ll stop there.

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