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Every neighborhood should have a bazooka

Yes, it was, I seem to remember, far too early to be woken up. Especially given that I was enjoying a rather tasty dream. Pancakes, maple syrup and a very good cup of coffee sat before my fish like dream eyes, tempting me. Just before my fork managed to grab a mouthful of the stuff, I swam up, still flapping my gills, to the sound outside that must have woken the whole neighbourhood.
My goodness they were drunk. Two women were literally rolling around on the gravel out front, pulling each other’s hair.
I shit you not.
I thought that stuff only happened on stupid ibiza gone wild television shows. But no. There it was, right in front of me. Well, not right in front, more like down below me, cause I live one floor up.
A shirtless man paced around the skirmish, along with several other tarted up induhviduals, pretending to try and stop the little display of fisticuffs…..or should that be hairicuffs? or grabihairicuffs.
But they didn’t really want it to stop, did they? I mean how hard is it to pull two people apart. Especially after they have clearly had their adrenaline dump. There was no fight left in them, but they persisted. I have to give them that.
Mr Shirtless actually got a bit excited by all this and punched a car window. Then kicked the car, presumably because the car window hurt his hand.

Nothing else really happened. It was all a little bit of a let down really. No blood, no other violence. The police turned up (actually rather a lot of police turned up) and broke the whole thing up….a domestic of some sorts (I can’t possibly fathom what about though amidst the screams of “you dirty slut” and other such profanities). A young lady with far too many children got in a car and drove away, leaving Mr No Shirt growling. I presume it was his lass. Hopefully now his ex-lass.

In other news Joshua Goodwin has released a rather nice looking wordpress theme called Old Popular Yolk. I think you should use it. I know I would if this blog let me. Yes, it is yellow, even though his blog is not.

I’m starting to subscribe to Kilgore Trout’s theory that every neighborhood should have a bazooka and a responsible adult should know where it is………

  1. Dan
    August 20, 2009 at 09:31

    Damn if I had a bazooka half of the people I meet would be burnt to a crisp. I don’t mean this to sound as it will, but I do just hate people, lol.

    A sniper rifle might be more satisfying though…and a button next to it so just after your kill you can press it and a voice would bellow out ‘HEADSHOT’

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