(or where I wonder why I haven’t written for so long)

Too long neglected, my blog needs some fresh meat, some new content.

Trouble is, it gets a bit old, the old make money online blogging. I mean, you aren’t really interested in how I go about supplementing my income are you? Why would you be? Indeed, why should you be? It’s all a bit sort of egotistical anyway isn’t it…..reporting back on failed or successful methods of making money online….o, I made xxxx dollars selling websites on sitepoint and yyyy dolllllaaaaaaahhhhhhhssssss with an adsense blog and then I hit paydirt with an affiliate product that nobody ever heard of before, by the way check it out here and sign up for it with my affiliate link. See that? See how sneaky that is. Oh. You’re all wise to it already aren’t you, you know my tricks. You know me too well. You aren’t going to clickie and gimme a few pennies are you? Or if you click from random boredom, you’ll clear your browser cache before you buy. Damnit!

Yeah, so a touch bored with the megalomaniacle (is that even a word) world of make money online blogging, I think I will change this here fine blog, commit further seo suicide and just blog about whatever the heck I feel like. Followers be damned. Money be damned. This little slice of internet pie was never really meant to make me money in the short term and I’m not going to MMO blog for the long haul, because there are too many other people who want to score for the term make money online and as I pointed out up there, it just gets a bit dull indulging one’s ego all the time. I may throw you a bone now and then about my adventures in the online world. But probably, I’ll just randomly write whatever I feel like. Oh I’m such a hypocrite. Ego is great.

I am the drool on transmarginal inhibition’s snout.

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