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Honest Reviews Online

(or Why do I miss all the fun)

You know, you take a week off from the internet and you miss all the fun. But I’ll report on it anyway, because I have nothing better to do today and some more content for my site here is good!

What do you suppose the best way to make money online in the make money online niche is? Start a website about making money online? start blogging about how to make money online? start a blog chronicalling your escapades in the make money online niche? Well, no, not really. See, this is what most of us noobs do. Me included…..this blog is proof of that. I started it with the nieve thought that an MMO blog would bring in cash. But, it doesn’t. Well, not like they all say it will. Of course my blog is tinged with cynicism and sarcasm so nyanyanyanyanya. The best way to make money online in the make money online niche is to sell a product. Not just any product, but a product that promises to make people money online :). Of course, you don’t really want to stop there, because your product isn’t going to teach them to make a nice passive income online with adsense or anything. No no no no, what you really do is make a very attractive affiliate scheme with your product. You put the usual bullshit in the e-book or web-building product as everyone else. You know – the super duper five point action plan to wealth and riches online…..get a domain name, get some hosting, install a blogging platform (wordpress obviously), write about your passion, put adverts up and hey presto. That won’t work in and of itself, but your product is crafty, you get people to help sell your make money online product. How? Well you get ’em all hyped up…you give them a biiiiiig affiliate incentive and basically people start writing reviews about your product and linking back to you. Once you get a critical mass, you win, because you have managed what you should have told them in the first place – good anchored backlinks from a whole host of different subnets. Brilliant! Plus, you don’t have to slog out the marketing. No sir. Now you got a bunch of people all pimping you out and you sit back and watch the dough roll in. Do your underlings make money? Well, some make a bit from the affiliate links. Some make nothing. But it doesn’t matter, because they are all invested in your product so they won’t start writing crap reviews about it because that wouldn’t get them any cash, now would it? I mean how about a review that said “hey, ho, this product is shit, but buy it through my aff link anyway cause I need the money”. Aint going to work is it? Nope. Even better if you can get people to sign up for a recurring fee based product. Now that’s they way you do it – money for nothing.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen the kind of thing I’m talking about…..sign up for only 300 bucks a year and you get access to a whole host of things….tools…..hosting……blog…..domain….bla bla bla.

Thing is, in a way, people are happy to pay if you take complexity away from them. And many of these all in one packages do that. It’s always cheaper to buy your own domain for 5 dollahs! and a some hosting for almost nothing per year, but then you have to worry about DNS entries and setting up wordpress and updating wordpress and all sorts of things. Nope, people will pay good money if they don’t have to think. And fair enough.

In my rambling way, I’m getting around to the point of the post….don’t worry.

Yeah. the point. See it is hard to find honest reviews of products that promise to make you money from your website. Well, it is hard to find honest reviews of products really. Even radio air time is bought – and I’m not talking about adverts….the actual songs you listen to on the radio – that air time is bought and paid for by A&R companies……so imagine how difficult it is to find an honest review of a product. There are some floating around though.

Go read this post on Griz’s site about Site Build It Don’t Buy It. And then read the post that started it off Site Build It Scam Reviews. Now there’s some controversy for you.

I like to read Griz now and then, because he makes a lot of (ad)sense. he he he. And if you are prepared to read his stuff and navigate his god-awful website, there are some gems hidden there. So Griz, in the great irony that is the internet, despite not really caring for social networking, has a fairly social blog. His posts easily generate 100s of comments…..and even though he preaches backlinks backlinks backlinks, his site has really morphed into a nice central meeting point for a fair number of online marketeers who practice the time honoured method of getting natural seo traffic from good anchored backlinks. Griz put out a small call to action to get some honest Site Build It Reviews out there on the internet and got a lot of shit from a lot of people about it. Actually, I’ve noticed he has been getting a fair amount of shit online recently whenever he opens his mouth and tries to tell people a thing or two about seo. Which is crap really, because if Griz takes a liking to your site and then say “but you know shit about seo”, there’s a perfect opportunity to learn something in my opinion. In fact, if the guy uses your site as a case study on his site, you are probably going to get a nice boost in traffic, and probably some decent anchored backlinks to set you on your way…..so really just say thanks for the links and can I have some more please? 🙂

Meh, anyway, so you should go read about site build it.

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  1. March 27, 2009 at 15:02

    A fine post ! I actually read it ! But why have you got an extra ‘der’ in your Underderblog name ? Is this akin to a secret handshake ? And where are the Adsense ads? The place looks bare withot them !

  2. underdogblogger
    March 27, 2009 at 19:38

    Hey Grey Brother…..erm extra “der” is a typo….er I mean secret handshake…..um. yeah must have been having a doh moment when i typed that……Adsense? lol – this place would serve up terrible adverts with my lazy writing and crap keyword targeting. Plus, the low traffic volume around here would give me tumbleweed for click-throughs lol.

  3. March 28, 2009 at 20:31

    First, when did you change your theme? Much easier to read; nice job.

    Second, it is hard to find honest reviews, mainly because what you usually see are these overwhelmingly glowing reviews of stuff that, when you check it out, don’t seem to charge you the same way.

    It’s one reason why I said that, when I do reviews, I will never do paid reviews, so I can say whatever I feel like saying. I also created a website where, when I feel like it, I can write a review or opinion of something, once again not accepting paid reviews.

    Still, anyone who comes to my sites may think my reviews aren’t credible, which makes me believe that it takes time for people to decide who to trust, and hopefully, they’ll trust you before someone else.

  4. March 31, 2009 at 11:29

    Interesting to say the least. Please note the website I’ve listed in leaving this reply.
    I almost got caught up in the type of services offered by SBI related scammers, and I am only grateful that I was introduced to individuals such as Griz and the many, many resources he shares for FREE!
    Reviews are very IMPORTANT, especially HONEST ONES!
    One day soon I believe that I will simply cruise around and find another vulnerable entity such as SBI and I will make an objective review of their underhanded tactics.
    Where is the integrity in some people, anyway?
    BTW Keep up the good work

  5. underdogblogger
    March 31, 2009 at 14:59

    Hey Mitch – thanks! I did a little theme spring clean. It’s an honest man who won’t take money for a review! keep it up!

    Kristine – thanks for dropping by – I’m sure it won’t be long before you find another SBI type thing……MLM programs are a dime a dozen 🙂

  6. April 25, 2009 at 18:02

    As an honest affiliate marketer it is difficult to make a lot of money because I can only review products that I have bought and used. That iss probably why I am broke.

    This is why I like Adsense so much. I don’t have to give reviews on products just quality information on topic. Unfortunately I am not getting paid a lot for this either.

    Oh well I will just keep building blogs and following Griz and a couple of others.

    This is my first time here and I am enjoying reading your archives. Fun Stuff! 🙂

  1. May 26, 2009 at 08:37

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