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Posterous a new email blogging platform

So, I thought I would play around with posterous. For those of you who are woefully behind the times, Posterous is a new blogging platform. Well sort of a mix between blogging and microblogging….but really with an emphasis on blogging from your email client.
Posterous is pretty smart, just write it an email, attach images, music, videos….whatever you want, and it figures out what to do with it all. I like it. Check it out on my new blog How to make money online with posterous.

Why do I like it? Well, it lets you create blog posts quickly, without bells and whistles it’s true, but still, sometimes speed is of the essence. Now posterous currently doesn’t have a lot of front end features. There’s only one template that I can see. Which in a way is pretty good, because you spend your time worrying about the content rather than what your blog looks like. See, I think too many bloggers out there on wordpress get swamped by the plethora of free wordpress themes and spend so much time faffing about with the look and feel of their blog, that they forget to put any words down whatsoever. Another reason I like posterous is because it is kind of perfect for creating backlinks to your site. If you are the kind of online marketer that runs multiple sites, and if you are trying to make money blogging, then you probably do, logging in and out of accounts all the time gets tedious. Blogging by email though, that’s pretty cool. See for every site you set up, you can post to a different address to create your blog post, so, for example, I’ve set up a second posterous blog underdogblog.posterous.com. Now to post to my first blog, how to make money online with posterous, I just email post@posterous.com from my email account, to post to the second blog, the underdog blog at posterous, I use a different send to email address post@underdogblog.posterous.com.

So now, I can see you thinking – hey that’s neat. One email address, multiple blogs, I can update my entire farm from one email account. Hey. That is neat. Check it out.

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