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(or where I introduce myself by way of an imagined interview with my alter ego)

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to do this interview

No, no, thank you – I decided, that since my About page was terribly inadequate that I would graciously allow an interview, the better to formally introduce myself to all those who keep clicking on my About the underdogblogger page.  I think it draws the biggest crowd – people seem to be curious, so I’ll give them what they want.

Who is the underdogblogger?

A mysterious fellow, hailing from London (in the UK for all you Canadians).  London is the coolest city in the world!  No question.  I mean just look at the shite summer we had.  🙂 Where were we?  Oh yes, who am I.  I’m just another person who thought he would try his hand at making a little extra cash on the internet.  By day, I’m an IT geek.  I have many, many skills, can code in a bunch of different languages, do DBA work, and for some reason I’m exceptionally talented at visualising what users really need in their applications to help them work.  That basically means that even though I code fairly well, I’m usually able to pick up the kind of work my users do and figure out how and why a solution would help them, where they can streamline their work etc.  I suppose that makes me a sort of business analyst, but without the shit meetings, dodgy ties, reams of paperwork and self-importance usually displayed by people who do that sort of work.  Modesty will kill me yet.

Wow.  Ok.  Tell me more, (I’m really really interested)
Outside of my work, I’m not too much of a geek.  I care very little for the latest gadgets, don’t have a laptop, or an mp3 player for that matter.  My mobile phone is about 3 years old now, but you know what, it still fucking makes phone calls.  I don’t see the point of technology for the sake of it.  Which is what I think most tech companies try to sell us.  I spend my free time on the usual shit……drinking reasonably priced wine at home, drinking outlandishly expensive beer when I’m out (I do live in London after all).  I have a penchant for good vodka, but I don’t drink it that often.  I like the odd tastefully rendered picture of semi-naked women…..woops, how did that get in there.  I am pretentiously interested in tai chi and “eastern” philosophy.

I hear tell you are something of a musical genius.  Pray tell, what instrument do you play?

The CD player.  Da Dum Tishhhhhhhh.  Erm tough crowd.  I play guitar.  I play bass. And I muck about with some electronica using Reason, creating short, but catchy little snippets that for some reason I like to use as my mobile phone ring tones.  I can’t master for shit though, so production values are low.  I could lie and say I like it lo-fi, but really, I just don’t have time to learn to master properly, and I play for fun, not profit.  I would like to be big in outer Mongolia one day, with a horrendously loud rock/metal tune I penned once, just because I think musically, it is an untapped market, you know, it’s so passe’ to dominate the western musical charts these days.

Why are you blogging?

I want a piece of internet notoriety.  I like the idea of posting a random stream of consciousness without really proof-reading it properly.  I like the thrill of hitting “Publish” before my thoughts are really completely well formed.  Why are any of us blogging?  The great community.  The online friends.  The money.  Ok not the money.  ’cause I haven’t really made anything substantial yet.  The lure of money.  yes, that’s better.  Why does the money lure me?  Well, like everyone else, I’ve got bills to pay, and a family to support……have you seen the cost of fucking childcare these days?  Seriously man, it’s frightening.  So faced with only so many hours in the day that I can swap my time for money, I figure I would try being a total noob in making money online, and hopefully get some passive income running in to the old bank balance.

What are your goals?

I’m hoping to use the internet to make some money as a rank beginner.  More to the point, I’m trying to use the free resources on the internet to make money.  Think about it, make money for free?  It’s unheard of.  Unless you’re a bank.  Then you can just manufacture cash from thin air.  And get a healthy injection from the government when things go tits up.

My plan is to launch sites using various techniques and models, from adsense to affiliate marketing.  I’m risk averse so I’ll probably not partake in any ppc campaigns just yet.  First goal is to make enough money to pay for web hosting for a year.  That way, I can get off this free platform and offer a better user experience and more sneakily cloaked affiliate links 🙂  And as a bonus to my loyal readers, I will document my experiments, thoughts, musings and ramblings right here on this blog.

What’s with all the brackets?

They are called asides.  Shakespeare used them a lot to sort of allow the audience a glimpse into the mind of the speaker.  They kind of represent what a character is thinking, but on stage, they have to be spoken for the audience to hear them.  Asides are often spoken with the back of the hand shielding one side of the mouth as a visual clue that although the audience can hear what is being said, the other actors cannot.  In print, they are represented by brackets.  Often, asides are there as a kind of ironic comment on current events in the play.

Are you kidding?

Don’t believe me?  Am I making that last bit up?  Go check it out.  (It’s true, ironically).

You know some weird stuff!

You have no idea the bizarre and insane things my mind concocts.

What are you listening to right now?

Um, since you ask, I’ve got Mysterious Habitats Composed by Dusan Bogdanovic, played by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.  Here’s a pretty good rendition on youtube by Joe Galambos:

Ha, bet that one threw you a curve ball.

Will you show your face?

There are enough wonderfully good looking people already on the internet, I’m not adding my ugly mug to the fray just yet.  If you’re really jonesing for some eye candy and you are a guy, click here…..if you are a girl, click here…..unless you happen to be homosexual/lesbian, in which case, click the other way around.   Seeing my snapshot on the internet is not going to make me any more real to you than I already am, but if you’re in London, drop me a line, we can hook up for a couple of beers, or orange juice if you’re tea total, and we can shoot the shit about making money online for the total noob.

How do we get hold of you then?

underdogblogger at ye ole gmail obviously!  What do you mean the email link doesn’t work?  Of course it does, but it just doesn’t work for spambots 🙂 Da dum tishssssssss.  Oh.  still a tough crowd.  😦

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  1. October 7, 2008 at 07:37

    I didn’t realise you were based in London, I guessed you must have been based in the UK due to the “wanker” phrase. 😉

    Seems to me there are a lot of IT types in this make money on-line niche, it’s just a shame most of us aren’t natural born sales men.

  2. underdogblogger
    October 7, 2008 at 07:48

    Yeah – London! I’m just waiting it out for a full on property market crash here, then I’m going to purchase most of the square mile out of my adsense income and retire 🙂 mwahahaha

    What we need is a IT-geeks-with-blogs-and-bad-sales-technique uber conference somewhere swanky….I wonder if we could get arts-council funding for that 🙂

  3. October 7, 2008 at 08:51

    Haha I would love to put that forward. Heck why not try going to Boris direct. I’m sure we could convince that muppet to do any thing we want 😉

  4. underdogblogger
    October 8, 2008 at 07:51

    lol….oh dear Boris – yeah the way he splurges money on pet causes, I’m sure he could finance a little shindig for us.

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