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Switch off

(or where I tell you why you should disconnect once in a while)

When was the last time you actually disconnected from your online life?  For many bloggers and online marketers, this is not something that happens very often.  The availability of wireless networks and online services from our mobile phones basically mean that we can travel anywhere and still check our email, post our blogs, read our blogs and generally pass our time on the internet.

For most of us, being online is so connected to our lives that we have a hard time without technology helping us along.  Part of being human is to change our surroundings, mould our world for our convenience – for better or worse.  The better part is that we can make use of all the fantastic services available on the internet.  On holiday?  Don’t know where a good restuarant is?  Hit a search engine, or a blog.  Need directions?  SatNav or  googlemaps.  Forgot your flight times?  Check your email – it’s there for sure!

The problem is, using computers and the internet tends to foster continuous partial attention.  Which basically means, you don’t fully focus on one thing at a time.  When was the last time you wrote a blog post without checking your email in the middle or quickly reading another blog?    There is a time and place for this, but there is also a time and place to block out all the noise and just experience where you are, who you are, what you are doing or who you are with.  Yeah yeah, I’m a big old hippie…..but really, full attention in the moment is a concept as old as the hills and has been absorbed into many traditions.  You can really feel yourself slowing down, sleeping better and relaxing more and more.

I was away for a week, and for that week, I didn’t even see a computer.  That’s pretty unusual, but bizarrely refreshing.  My own no-information diet.

Allowing yourself time and space gives your brain time to really sift and sort important and unimportant.  Internet marketers and make money online folk spend too much of our time lusting after more traffic, more comments, more blogs, more money.  And it will kill us.  We will become soulless workaholics.

Let’s be honest if you are trying to make money online with blogging or internet marketing, is reading yet another blog post on “content is king” going to help you?  Most of the time, we read it anyway, don’t we?….we chase one idea with another so we can make more money, build a better blog, scope a better domain name, write a better e-book, affiliate another product. check our stats, check our stats, check our stats.  Keep up to date or you will miss the golden opportunity.

Bullshit.  There is no mythical one golden opportunity.  Take some time off!  Feeling tired but still compelled to bang out one more blog post or twit?  Fuck that.  Go to bed.  Listen to you body.  Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, and create a harmonious balance in your life.  Work, rest, play.

Now, turn off the computer, switch off the TV and freesat and go play with your kids, or have dinner with your family, or just grab a cup of tea and watch the trees waving outside your window for an hour.  You will feel great afterwards!

  1. September 26, 2008 at 14:53

    I am all about disconnecting – in Timothy Ferris’ The 4 Hour Work Week he dedicates an entire chunk of the book on this exact practice and why it’s crucial to your success in business.

    Well said bro!

  2. underdogblogger
    September 26, 2008 at 15:08

    Hey Elijah – yeah, it was probably the best chapter in that book for me!

  1. September 26, 2008 at 14:25

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