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The worst way to make money online

(or where I tell you how not to Get Paid To….)

The lure of free cash is strong on the internet.  And indeed there are tons of sites where you can fill in surveys, take opinion polls or just look at adverts and get paid for your time.  These sites are often called GPT or Get Paid To sites.  A guy I work with swears by these sites.  He surfs them every day.  I just don’t think the sites are worth his time.

Let me rehprase that…..there are times when I think these sites can pay you a little pocket money.  Some cash for beer maybe.  Mostly though, they are an utter waste of a budding internet entrepreneur’s time.

Second best use of GPt sites

Say you work in a bit of a dull job, and you aren’t interested in becomming the next super affiliate or adsense guru, you just want to kill some time because you’re bored.  You finish your work for the day in the morning and have the afternoon to surf the web.  Well now here is a perfect candidate for making some pocket money from a GPT site.  Take ten minutes out of your hectic youtube surfing habit and hit up something like SWATCash.  Spend a few minutes online there, fill in a few offers and kaching!  Ok, so this won’t make you rich.  But you can, if you spend a few minutes every day, earn a little drinking money.  And anyway, you are on work time and missing that all new video from whichever youtuber you happen to be infatuated with currently would probably be better for you anyway.

The best use of GPT sites

I’ll tell you when these sites really pay off.  When you were going to take advantage of something anyway – like for example – I wanted some business cards.  So I order some from vistaprint through my SWATCash account and I get 4 bucks back from SWATCash.  That pays for the shipping of my business cards!  Bonus!

Now let’s look at the bad news……

If you are on your own time, don’t do it!

Why?  Because the amount of money earned is very little.  Think about it – what are you worth an hour?  Now work out what you can get paid from something like SWATCash in that hour…..keep in mind for GTP sites to work for you, you really shouldn’t get gready and just fill in rubish.  Like anything else, you will get tracked and if you consistently put crap down on the surveys et al, you will get banned.  So you’ve worked it out?  Not really worth it is it?  I mean pick up a dollar here and a dollar there.  I rekon you’re below minimum wage if you actually do the sums.  Okay – I haven’t actually done the sums.  Why not?  Because I’m on my own time – and I think I can put it to better use.  How?  Maybe by writing this blog post.  Okay so maybe that isn’t really better use, but hey…..I’ve earned my beer money today.  Heck, even if you are unemployed, you can probably make more money than this with a little keyword research and some bum marketing.

The absolute worst use of GPT sites

The least worthwhile offers are usually the Pay to Click offers.  Oh they sound great – just click a link, browse an advert and get paid.  But really it’s worthless…… the money to be made is usually a measly 1cent…..and the effort required is that you have to click the link and then wait 30 seconds and then fill in a captcha code.  You can fill in 10 of these a day on the above mentioned SWATCash – 10 cents.  I figure the time it takes to click on the link and type in the code is 20 seconds.  I’m not going to count in the 30 second required browse time because that’s just silly – you aren’t going to stick on that page are you?  You’re a savvy surfer – multiple browsers open – in 30 seconds you read some lolcats, go back to the Pay to Click and fil in the code…..now lets work that out – 1c for 20 seconds that’s 3cents per minute.  $1.80 per hour.  Is my math right there?  I think so.  Don’t get fooled guys – this is just a plain waste of your time……besides you can only get up to 10cents a day….for FUUUCK’S sake, just skip one double skinny latte from Starbucks one day per month and you’ve saved yourself the amount you would make on the Pay to Click.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

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  1. September 26, 2008 at 14:51

    Ahhh… Get paid to make an attempt at drinking Elijah under the table – if you lose, then he gets paid..

    I’d be rich! We should set that up..

    I’ve never had the patience for GPT programs.. but obviously in my early months online I spent countless hours looking at sites, services, email programs etc…

  2. underdogblogger
    September 26, 2008 at 15:09

    lol….I’ll bring the beer….and the vodka, now we just need a sponsor!

  1. September 29, 2008 at 12:42
  2. March 19, 2009 at 11:06

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