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(Or where I tell you why I started the underdog blog)

It’s probably been bubbling for a while now.  I’ve read the populars.  The A-list.  The celebrity blogs.  It’s been in the back of my mind to write for some time.  Like so many others, I thought to myself – I can string a sentence together.  It really can’t be that hard.  But I think it is a land of cliques.  Of circles.  Of who you know.  Not what you know.  The old boys club where you can get in, but I suspect you have to pay your dues by buying all their wares first.  Then, if you are lucky (and probably broke), you’ll get invited in to the inner circle….have your backlinks polished a little by those that sold to you the very wares you are going to try to flog to the next young hopeful!

All good stories on the interweb start with our protagonist…our hero if you will flat broke.  And then, by application of the magic method ™ the rags to riches saga began that lead them to the promised land of picket fences.  The buffed up sales copy, the hope that the next keyword generator will help me, will make me, will give me the money.  We still fall for that?  Fuck yes.  We all still fall for that.

So Avon Blake makes a lot of sense.  I like the idea.  The Z list.  Everybody loves an underdog.  I mean there are about a zillion Rocky movies that testify to that…..aren’t there?

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