Underdog of the Day

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey all. Remember me? This one is short and sweet…..In case you thought I wasn’t living up to my name of Underdog Blog, I thought I would point out a little bit of nasty that’s going on at the moment and introduce you to my underdog of the day.

The Rock Art Brewery in Vermont is being sued by some big arse company who don’t want them to use the name Vermonster for their beer. Now the company doing the suing doesn’t even make beer, they make energy drinks. How fucked up is that? Rock Art Brewery is a small business built up from nothing – started in his basement.

America it’s time to support the little guy.

Read a little more about this over at Griz’s Monster Energy Drink vs Vermonster Beer
or head on over to Monster Energy Drink Sucks The Life Out of Small Businesses, or even Monster Energy Drink And Hansen Have Forgotten America
Monster Energy Drink Vs Rock Art Brewery and Vermonster Beer, Round #2
from Allyn Hane – I like Allyn ’cause he swears and drinks beer on video! 🙂

Damnit I could link this up all over the place, but I’ll stop there.

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Every neighborhood should have a bazooka

August 17, 2009 1 comment

Yes, it was, I seem to remember, far too early to be woken up. Especially given that I was enjoying a rather tasty dream. Pancakes, maple syrup and a very good cup of coffee sat before my fish like dream eyes, tempting me. Just before my fork managed to grab a mouthful of the stuff, I swam up, still flapping my gills, to the sound outside that must have woken the whole neighbourhood.
My goodness they were drunk. Two women were literally rolling around on the gravel out front, pulling each other’s hair.
I shit you not.
I thought that stuff only happened on stupid ibiza gone wild television shows. But no. There it was, right in front of me. Well, not right in front, more like down below me, cause I live one floor up.
A shirtless man paced around the skirmish, along with several other tarted up induhviduals, pretending to try and stop the little display of fisticuffs…..or should that be hairicuffs? or grabihairicuffs.
But they didn’t really want it to stop, did they? I mean how hard is it to pull two people apart. Especially after they have clearly had their adrenaline dump. There was no fight left in them, but they persisted. I have to give them that.
Mr Shirtless actually got a bit excited by all this and punched a car window. Then kicked the car, presumably because the car window hurt his hand.

Nothing else really happened. It was all a little bit of a let down really. No blood, no other violence. The police turned up (actually rather a lot of police turned up) and broke the whole thing up….a domestic of some sorts (I can’t possibly fathom what about though amidst the screams of “you dirty slut” and other such profanities). A young lady with far too many children got in a car and drove away, leaving Mr No Shirt growling. I presume it was his lass. Hopefully now his ex-lass.

In other news Joshua Goodwin has released a rather nice looking wordpress theme called Old Popular Yolk. I think you should use it. I know I would if this blog let me. Yes, it is yellow, even though his blog is not.

I’m starting to subscribe to Kilgore Trout’s theory that every neighborhood should have a bazooka and a responsible adult should know where it is………

Flu Fail

Swine Flu? Want to check your symptoms? hmmm…


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GPL Themes

Pah….old news eh? Themes are GPL. Won’t make the slightest bit of difference though, because designers can still copyright their css and graphics so they will just charge for that. If anything, probably they will just focus on design now rather than pumping out cool new add ons and php features.

Cynical? Me? Never!

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Glastonbury. TV. Live. Ting Tings. Are. Shit.

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Is Underdog a Scam?

(or where I examine my search engine terms)
Well, I thought it was funny anyway. Am I a scam? What on earth would the underdog be scamming you out of anyway? I don’t sell anything here….simply throw some thoughts out on why I used to have some pagerank and now don’t. Anyway, top of my list is the old Moon Movie Sam Rockwell search term. Still hasn’t opened in the UK. Next month apparently. Then I just have to schedule some babysitting somehow and sneak off to watch it 🙂

Anway, now that my blog is back from purgatory, at least google is indexing it properly again, so I can get a little traffic my way. Not that it matters much, like an underdog chasing a bus, I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I’ve caught it. Pish posh.

Today’s music of choice is Tycho which to me sounds a bit like nostalgia. The track of choice is called “Past is Prologue”. While I’m listening to this, I’ll be watching Hannah Solo’s blog. Partly because I’m curious, partly because I don’t really believe she is a real person. But hey, for all you know, neither am I, I could just be a big scam of an underdog.

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PageRank rancour

June 11, 2009 1 comment

I used to have pagerank. That was cool. I like having pagerank ’cause it makes me feel important. And aside from drooling and dribbling on about transmarginal inhibition, what other point is there to a blog than pagerank?
Then my wordpress blog got suspended. Bah Humbug.
I’ll tell you what, google is super quick about indexing the wordpress suspended page when you go into purgatory, but super slow about re-indexing you when you are let out of the 9 gates of hell and sent back into the land of the living.
Not only that, but now I’m back down to a big fat zero PR. Bah. Humbug.
I know PR means squat in terms of traffic. But still. One can’t help feeling a little downtrodden.

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